All Tech Airconditioning

All Tech Airconditioning
Case Study


The Problem

All tech Air Conditioning’s customer service reps are top notch, but there was one problem—their CSRs simply couldn’t keep up with the high volume of calls generated by All Tech Airconditioning marketing strategies.

The company was leaving thousands of dollars of revenue on the table each month because of it.

The Solution

Enter All Tech Airconditioning Lead Recovery service, which successfully books an average of 10% more appointments from our clients’ existing marketing budgets, which also helped All tech Air Conditioning:

  • Book more jobs: 29% of All tech Air Conditioning’s phone calls were flagged for recovery, generating an additional 100 booked jobs throughout the year.
  • Reduce marketing costs: Lead Recovery stretches your marketing budget further, generating 10% more booked calls from your existing marketing budget. This maximizes performance and lowers your cost-per-lead. With a minimal investment of just over $5,500, the company generated an additional $81,219 in revenue they would’ve otherwise failed to recognize.
  • Differentiate their brand from the competition: Instead of turning customers away due to a high call volume and busy techs, All tech Air Conditioning called their lost opportunities back, providing exceptional service both on the phones, and at the customers’ homes.