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We're here to show the world how to digitize beyond the ordinary. But first, let us show YOU how.

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‘Digitally transforming businesses using industry proved digital technologies, superior experience and our expert team’



ENUM Digital offers a spectrum of Digital Transformation services for various emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation (IA), Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and more to a wide range of Industries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE).

Digital technologies have drastically changed the way businesses operate. Businesses are increasingly trying to provide a superior and seamless experience to their digital customers, and thus improving their bottom line. The proliferation of mobile devices, advanced knowledge of consumer behavior and superior customer experience has thrown up new opportunities as well as challenges to businesses. Companies are struggling to innovate and grow due to fragmented technology landscape, constant product evolution and changing consumer preferences.

Once, digital disruption loomed as an extinction-level event. Today, it’s an ongoing process. Constant innovation is the only way to outthink competitors and outpace change. The challenge: building a digitally enabled business is tough. Siloed teams, talent shortages, data quality issues, and outdated processes stand in the way of transformation. And while you’re battling these problems, you can’t take your eye off the operations that are bringing in revenue now.

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Web Development 2


We help Businesses transform digitally using three pronged approach:



Enum is a technology company that enables digital transformation for global organizations. Our digital transformation consulting leverage a wide spectrum of digital technologies to help companies improve products and services, enhance customer experience, enter new markets, and increase revenues.

Design thinking
Solution Architects to understand business problems and develop optimal solutions.
Domain expertise
We comprehend industry specific challenges and apply design thinking.
Client experience
Multiple enterprise engagements with demonstrated ROI for the solutions deployed.


In a digital transformation project, you can’t plan the solution until you define the problem. While every engagement is different, we draw on a toolkit that has successfully driven previous change initiatives

So, contact us now if you are looking for reliable digital transformation services in dubai.

Step 1: Digital Audit

Mapping the landscape

We start with a diagnosis of the current situation, taking a close look at the business landscape. We take a discipline-by-discipline approach, with multiple expert teams weighing in. An audit can show you what’s standard practice and what’s best in class, identifying emerging competitors, new tactics, and changing audience behaviors. More importantly, audits can help you spot risks and opportunities – giving you a head start in preparing for what’s next.

Step 2: Innovation Workshop

Putting our heads together

An innovation workshop brings together our team and yours in a structured process with open-minded facilitation. The goal is to frame a business problem and then generate ideas to solve it. By calling on a diversity of expertise and thinking styles, and exploring ideas fearlessly, we can generate new possibilities and refine our strongest ideas. We prioritize ideas according to value to the organization and readiness to complete, evolving high-value, high-readiness projects further with a tool such as a Business Model Canvas.

Step 3: Minimum Lovable Product

Turning ideas into action

Change initiatives can generate many ideas but few outcomes. Fortunately, ENUM DIGITAL Agency is an implementation partner as well as an ideas partner. Once we have high-priority ideas, we start defining a minimum lovable product – the version of your idea that delivers the most customer happiness with the least possible initial effort and expense. We determine what the MLP would look like and what it would take to build. Once we understand that, we’re into project management: cost estimates, dependencies, and budgets and resourcing, and we’re ready to start making it happen.

Our Services.

Custom built Digital Solutions for your unique business processes.


Our IoT services will enable companies to create intelligent assets, optimize and improve return on assets through real-time data.

Web development

Our web application development services ranges from a simple CMS driven websites to the most complex web applications and e-commerce portals.

Mobile app

We are experts in building native & hybrid mobile apps for enterprises to help them engage with employees, customers, partners and vendors.


Our cloud services will enable your enterprise to provide anywhere, anytime secure access to all your stakeholders


Our DevOps consulting services help companies to automate and manage configuration environments to improve the software development process.


Our AI services will enable enterprises to automate regular business process to increase efficiency & speed with minimal errors.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

We develop memorable, innovative augmented and virtual marketing experiences to help brands stand out from their competitors while offering customers unique and useful applications.

What Does Real Digital Transformation Mean?

ENUM Digital partners with customers to deliver real world value through accelerated digital transformation.


Java, Kotlin, Javascript, Swift & Objective C


Increase in sales value of production


Increase in equipment utilization


Manufacturing cost reduction

Robust & Scalable

Fully functional and scalable solution that grows with your business

Highly Responsive

Web solutions that work well on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices

Quick Loading

We offer a minimalistic setup to ensure your website load faster

Secure Solutions

Highly secure websites to withstand high traffic without any glitches


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