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Result-driven mobile app development company

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We follow a human-Centric approach to design & develop Mobile Applications for brands and companies.


Creative APP Development Company for Stronger Digital Presence

Mobile app development is the way forward for businesses. It has never been easier than it is today to create an app that can be used by thousands of people across many different devices. At ENUM Digital, we provide top-notch mobile app development services by combining deep industry insights and mobile technologies. Besides that, we help companies build and scale mobile applications that can run smoothly across multiple platforms using design thinking.

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End-to-End Mobile App Development Solutions!

Enum Digital is one of the leading mobile app development company with a data-driven app development process that enables startups and entrepreneurs to leverage modern technologies.



We are the best mobile app development company in UAE, and our developers have a deep understanding of the latest mobile technologies and trends. We can develop custom applications for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms for you. So, contact us now if you are looking for reliable Android AND iOS app development Dubai services.

About 60% of the market is currently held by mobile applications which makes it very significant for any business to invest in. If you want to bring a new customer base or even want to engage your current customer base, just imagine pairing your e-commerce website with a robust and user-friendly app will do for you.

Enum Digital is one of the leading mobile app development company in the region that can help you to achieve your goal. We evaluate, brainstorm and simulate your idea and create a product which will perfectly fits your objectives.

Our ingredients for perfection start from setting the right parameters for your app features and also defines the level of effort we need to put in for delivering the best mobile app and that too in strict timelines.

Our diverse portfolio gives us the edge that whatever is your idea, whatever is the industry you are looking to engage, we can develop a fully robust, working, and user-friendly app from scratch.


We are the best mobile app development company in UAE, and our developers have a deep understanding of the latest mobile technologies and trends. We can develop custom applications for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms for you. 

So, contact us now if you are looking for reliable Android app development Dubai services.

Step 1: Technical Discovery + Analysis

Assessing the technical requirements of your App.

We will start by understanding the technical requirements of your App, including the features and functionality that you want it to have. So, we will make sure what technology we should use. Also, we will do a technical analysis to determine the feasibility of your project.

Step 2: Planning and Design

Developing a roadmap and wireframes.

We will plan out the overall architecture of your mobile application, including all major components such as databases, APIs, and more. After that, we will design screens that best fit your requirements. All this is done in close coordination with our clients to be part of the decision-making process.

Step 3: App Design and Development

Creating an awesome User Interface (UI) for your app

We will design a great UI/UX to engage users, which can be achieved through visual elements like color, typography, images, etc. Our designers follow best practices in growth driven design for mobile application development. When the design is finalized, our developers will start coding your App.

Step 4: QA Testing and Deployment

Testing your app on different devices and platforms

We will test your app on different devices and platforms to ensure that it works smoothly across all of them. We will also take care of the deployment process to launch your app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 5: Maintenance + Support

Updating and maintaining your App

Once the development process is over, we will continue to support you. We can update or add new features into your app after conducting user interviews to get feedback on what they want us to change in the application. All this helps businesses build a mobile presence that reflects their brand identity and allows them to stand out from the competition.

So, if you are looking for a world-class mobile app development service, then look no further than ENUM DIGITAL Agency. We are the best mobile app development company in Dubai, and we can help you create an App that is not only functional but also visually appealing and user-friendly. Whether you are looking for the best Android or iOS App development Dubai services, we are here to help.


Our range of services for mobile app development Dubai includes:

Business Consultation

Becoming an award-winning mobile app development company is not an easy feat to pull off. It all starts with a thorough consultation with clients. Commencing any mobile app development project depends on its practicality and need. And it is made possible through a strategically designed consultation process: Product Definition Requirement Analysis Market Evaluation Feasibility Analysis Conceptual Assessment Project Scope Assessment

Mobile App Design

From an eye-catching logo to the overall layout, everything that your audience sees on your app must ooze with an awesome user experience. We are a native and hybrid mobile app development company with a keen eye for user interface and experience. And this is exactly why our designers leave no stone unturned to create the best UI/UX designs. Our mobile app designers use avant-garde tools to give your app the face and interface it should have. Our UI/UX designing includes: Storyboarding to pre-visualize the interface sequence Creating design sketches Illustrations (2D) 3D Modelling Creating journey maps Wireframe creation Mock-up creation Visual designing

Product Strategy

A strategy is the roadmap that transforms dreams into reality, and thus, is a crucial part of the complete mobile app development process. This is where our business analysts come into the picture. They are all proficient in requirement analysis, which comes in handy to make sure a high-quality app is developed in the most time effective way possible. We include the following steps comprises of the following steps: Identifying product objective Target audience identification, discovery and analysis Product price analysis Product launch and marketing strategy

Native iOS App Development

Our native iOS app development services include: iPhone app design and development iPad app design and development iWatch app design and development Apple TV app design and development iOS app support and maintenance App Store optimization

Native Android App Development

Our android app development services include: Android app design & development Enterprise Android app development API integration Android app testing Play Store optimization App version upgrades and updates

Hybrid App Development

Now you can have an app for all the popular mobile app platforms without burning a hole in your pocket. HTML5 app development Ionic app development PhoneGap app development React Native app development (more on this later) Migration to hybrid frameworks Hybrid app support and maintenance

Progressive Web App Development

Our progressive web app development services comprise of the following: Application shell architecture Progressive & responsive web design Custom Progressive Web App Development PWAs with offline functionalities Lighthouse app development Workbox app development

React Native App Development

Our plethora of React Native app development services include: React Native Android App Development React Native iOS App Development React Native App Customization React Native UI/UX Design React Native Support & Maintenance

Blockchain App Development

We are the leading blockchain app development company in Dubai, offering services such as: Cryptocurrency exchange development ICO development and marketing Decentralized application development Ethereum app development Mobile crypto exchange Smart contracts

Wearable App Development

Our wearable app development services include: Custom Wearable App Development Android Wear App Development Beacon App Development

AR/VR App Development

We deliver high quality AR/VR apps through: Visual storyboard development Augmented reality app development Virtual reality app development Testing on AR/VR devices

API Development and Integration

The geeks of Enum Digital labs can do it all, and they’ve done it all. Third Party API Integration API Architecture Custom API Integration

App Analytics

For this, we have created an inhouse analytics app, for both iOS and Android platforms. Packs the power of following features: User analytics Attribute tracking Crash analytics In-app purchase analytics Geo-analytics

Quality Assurance

QA specialists subject every project to rigorous testing methods such as unit testing, regression testing, system testing, etc. to ensure we deliver only the best and right solutions. iOS app testing Android app testing Web app testing Software testing

App Deployment

From right product description to a great artwork, we do everything to give your app an amazing presence out there. And we do it through: App deployment on Play Store App deployment on App Store App deployment on iTunes App store optimization Play Store optimization

App Iterations

Needless to say, app iteration is the most important part of post deployment maintenance. New features App enhancements Tweaks, upgrades and adjustments

Post Development Maintenance

Enjoy the freedom to work on other important aspects of business, let the app experts take care through: Customer service support Incident management Software license management Service requests management Process management and configuration

Mobile App Development – Technology Stack

We create mobile apps with scalable and tested technology stack to deliver apps par excellence.

Languages & Tools

Java, Kotlin, Javascript, Swift & Objective C

Datebase Tools

Coredata, Room, Realm, Sqlite & Redux

Top Framworks

Alamofire, Firebase, Ffmpeg & Java

Hosting &  Security

AWS Amplify, Azure Mobile Apps, App Store & Playstore


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